Privileged Origin   Aliança Estate is located in the town of São João da Boa Vista, at the northeast portion of the state of São Paulo, in the producing Mogiana region, traditionally known for its specialty coffees.

 The Estate presents natural conditions that are extremely favorable to the production of high quality coffees such as wavy topography, with mountainous areas, fertile soils of the Yellow Argisoil type, abundant water resources and a climate with warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night. The coffee plantations are positioned in high altitudes that vary between 2,800 and 3,200 feet; they are high and well drained terrains that allow mechanization, due to the small slopes.
The region’s privileged microclimate favors the production of high-bodied coffees, with intense aroma, low acidity and pleasant sweetness.

  Aliança Estate coffees reflect the differentiated features of the Mogiana; they are balanced, with medium body, fine sweetness and low acidity. Aliança Estate coffees are excellent bases for espresso.

  Besides being cultivate at high altitudes and under ideal climate conditions, Aliança Estate coffees are produced according to strict quality standards, monitored by specialized professionals that love coffee.

Aliança Estate

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