Cattle   Besides coffee, Aliança Estate is also dedicated to purebred cattle breeding for genetic enhancement and production of sires and cows. The herd of approximately 1,500 heads is an example of excellence and quality.

  Installations for the cattle are sanitized and properly spacious; the quality of feedings and close supervision of vaccines assure a healthy and productive herd.

  Animals of the Braunvieh (Brown Swiss) breed were imported from the United States to start the herd; their cows are used in embryo transfer programs. Braunvieh are prolific breeders and provide good milk and meat output. The breed is robust and renowned for its hardiness and quality carcass, specially when crossed with Zebu.

  Aliança Estate also raises Nelore. The animals are created extensively, on pastures, and present excellent rusticity and great quality of carcass. A part of the Nelore cows are crossed with Braunvieh sires of Aliança Estate itself. Another part is used in artificial insemination programs for industrial crossings, like the production of F1, whose offspring calves develop a premature carcass with superior quality in less time.


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